I believe that FIRE is possible for everyone, and while FatFIRE may be difficult, Lean FIRE can be attained by anyone who saves and invests traditionally.

Investing doesn't have to be difficult either.

Just buy a good mutual fund or ETF and leave it to the experts.

But if saving is a struggle, the road to FIRE can feel very painful.

In this light, being able to "enjoy saving" may be a wonderful talent.

I too have little greed and enjoy saving money.

It's not that I'm holding something back it's more like,

I feel the joy of"I'm so glad I cut back on unnecessary expenses! " "I got this great thing for such a low price!"

There was a time when I used to be very greedy.

I used to buy a lot of clothes when I got paid.

But even if I bought a lot of things, I still wanted more and more things.

If I bought a new jacket, I would want more clothes to go with it.

I think spending a lot of money made me realize that there is no upper limit to my desires.

I still have no desire for things at all, but I do want Apple products, for example, very easily.

However, I am able to control my desire for things because I realize that even if I buy them, I will not be satisfied.

Of course, it is also important to enjoy spending money after FIRE!

I also buy what I want from time to time and enjoy it with care.