February 2022 Income

Hi, I'm Sayu, a nurse who FIRE in Japan! I publish my income every month. Please enjoy the Lean FIRE in Japan.



Total dividend 113.04USD (12,976JPY)
Dividend Breakdown
Japan 99.99USD (11,478JPY)
Overseas 12.97USD (1,498JPY)

The main income was from RITE in Australia (S&P/ASX200 A-REIT).
I like this stock very much.

  • Australia's population continues to grow.
  • Economy is growing.
  • Dividends are paid every two months.

That' s why I like this RITE.

Real estate rent

Real Estate
287.47USD (33,000JPY)
One single-family property is rented out.

Net income excluding expenses. (No loans).

Labor income

I did not work this month.

Extra income



Total 400.51USD(46,058JPY)

It was small this month, about half of the cost of living.
However, it is not a problem because I had a lot of income in last month.
Until I invested, I thought that I would receive a certain amount of dividend every month.
But in reality, we are in a situation where we have a large income every six or four months.
So savings is also very important.

Thank you very much for reading.