I have been sober for two months now.
I am a public health nurse, so I have to give health care advice to people, and I am not very convincing if I have a drinking habit.
I like to drink, but I decided to give sobriety a try.

To be honest, so far there has been no significant change in my physical condition.
But I think I have reduced wasting money and time.
Also, I am less likely to overeat or have stomach problems.

I would be happy if my body becomes fitter in the future.

Here is what I do when I feel like drinking

Drink sparkling water
Drink non-alcoholic beverages
Eat frozen grapes or blueberries instead of wine
Watch videos on YouTube about the benefits of sobriety.
Buy a nice cup of tea and enjoy it
And so on.

I thought that not being able to drink alcohol with friends and family would make me lonely, but this was a mistake.
I realized that just spending time with friends and family makes me happy and joyful, so I don't need alcohol to do that.
The same goes for meals.
Thanks to the delicious food, I can be satisfied without alcohol.