June goals
  • Complete 70% of the inheritance process
  • Blog updated daily.
  • Meditate every day, even if only for a minute.

This month we will work intensely on the inheritance process.
I am also able to continue meditating and blogging.
However, I have not been able to completely make it a habit, so I will incorporate this into my goals this month as well.

Last month's goal

  • Finish graduate school homework (7 courses)→Goal achieved.
  • Blog updated daily.→The goal was almost achieved.
  • Meditate every day, even if only for a minute.→The goal was almost achieved.

This year’s goals

  • Learn to speak simple English. (I study through drama and blogs.)
  • Earn income from blogging (more than $1)
  • Earn income from my business (more than $1)

I try to watch dramas every day to study English.

I also write a blog, but my English is not improving.

I will do my best.

Thank you very much for reading.