June 2022 Income

Hi, I'm Sayu, a nurse who FIRE in Japan! I publish my income every month. Please enjoy the Lean FIRE in Japan.



June is a great month for dividends from Japanese companies.However, due to the weak yen, income does not seem to be very high when converted to dollars.


Dividend Breakdown
Japan 387USD (52,389JPY)
Overseas 917USD

I invest in US high dividend ETF's such as HDV, SPYD, VYM, etc.

Real estate rent-243USD(33,000JPY)

One single-family property is rented out.Net income excluding expenses. (No loans).

Labor income-295USD(40,000JPY)

I worked part-time as a nurse for the first time in a year. I successfully funded the purchase of an iPad.

Extra income-None


Thank you very much for reading!