Japan Derby

I have accomplished my bucket list of "go to the racetrack with friends"!

I don't usually gamble, but I did go because I wanted to experience it before I die.

Yesterday was a big race, the "Japan Derby," with about 62,000 spectators.

I was surprised at the number of spectators and the luxurious facilities.

I only spent about $5, but my friend lost $250! But he seemed to be having fun, so I guess it was a good thing.

My friend won the bet and my friend's budget made a profit of $590, wow!

However, he has been losing money on another race this month, so his cumulative total is not nearly as profitable as he would have liked.

I learned a lot and it was a very enjoyable and good experience.

But I don't think I will be spending any money on horse racing in the future.

If I want to increase my assets without fail, I think stocks and real estate are better, and I am afraid of getting carried away with horse racing.

But I would like to go to the racetrack again.