The iPhone SE is not a new design, and the iPhone SE is a bit heavy for its size.

But I like it very much too.

The reasons are

  • Fingerprint recognition is very convenient (I usually wear a mask)
  • It is light and compact.
  • The screen is small but no problem in daily life (I can use iPad mini for videos and e-books).
  • The chip is relatively new, so it runs smoothly.
  • Low price
  • There are some reasons for this, such as

I actually didn't like it much before, but after I bought the iPhone 12Pro, I rediscovered how great the SE is and I like it.

The iPhonePro series is quite heavy.

Face ID is also very inconvenient with a mask on (now you can unlock it even with a mask on).

These experiences have made the SE my favorite.

However, the SE has a

  • Small battery capacity
  • The camera portrait only responds to humans
  • and other weaknesses.

But the price is low, so you may be able to buy an iPad or Apple Watch with the money floated.

The strength of Apple products is "linkage.

I highly recommend linking the SE with other products!