I have a portion of my assets in dollars. because I read in a book that it is better to do so for risk diversification.But to be honest, I wondered, "Is it really worth it to hold Japanese yen in dollars?" I wondered.

The Japanese currency is the yen, and basically you cannot use dollars.If you want to use dollars, you need to buy them in yen, which is a hassle. Moreover, you have to pay a small commission.

However, with the depreciation of the yen in 2022, I realized the advantage of having dollars.

1. When the yen weakens, the price of the dollar rises, so the decrease in assets is slow.

2. You can also use your dollars to buy foreign products that have gone up in price.

It is important not only to study from books and other sources, but also to experience. I would like to continue to gain experience and grow as an investor.