The Internship

The story of two unemployed middle-aged men who try out for an internship at Google to become full-time employees.

It was a lot of fun and makes me want to work at Google.

I've just started studying programming, and this movie will help motivate me to study more.

I also realized how much I appreciate "financial independence".

If your company goes bankrupt in your middle age, you will have trouble making a living like the two people in the movie.

In my case, I cannot afford luxury, but I can cover my expenses for food and housing through stocks and other means.

In addition to stocks and real estate, my nursing license is also an asset.

Even if the hospital goes out of business, I can get a new job immediately.

I am not trying to brag, but I believe that "investment" and "self-investment" are the best way to be prepared for any emergencies.

If you are worried about your future, please reduce your wasteful spending and invest in yourself.

  • Invest in assets such as stocks and real estate
  • Study and get certified.
  • Developing skills

I recommend actions such as these!