Libero 5G Ⅱ

My grandmother switched her smartphone carrier.

She got a smartphone called Libero 5G II for free as part of a campaign, but she gave it to me because she didn't need it.
I have an iPhone, which I love, so I won't use it as my main phone, but I decided to use it as a sub.

The main uses are

  • Use for Amazon membership benefits (movies, music, e-books, etc.)
  • Gaming

I had no expectations at all, but the large 6.67" screen is quite nice.

I usually use an iPhone13mini, so it feels very large.

I don't think the sound quality is good, but if you are just watching movies on Youtube or for study purposes, there is no problem.

Since it is free, I can use it messily without worrying about battery degradation or scratches.

The calm pink color is not bad either.

Surprisingly, I don't mind the weight (it might feel heavy if I usually carry it around).

If it's a sub machine, I would recommend it.

Thanks, Grandma.