June 2022 Health Care Status




Monthly High lights 8,156steps/day

Yearly High lights 9,694steps/day →It is increasing a little bit.

Walking + Running Distance

Monthly Highlights 5.3Km/day

Yearly High lights 6.1Km/day

Exercise Minutes

Monthly Highlights 38min/day

Yearly High lights 42min/day


17days in the past last month

The average time was 2 minutes.

This is very short.

I will do my best to try to increase my mindfulness frequency and time in July.

My goal is to do mindfulness every day.

In July, I will try to do mindfulness every day, even if it is just for one minute.


Monthly Highlights 6hr57min

Yearly High lights 6hr56min

My sleep goal is 7.5hours.

July will be less busy and I will try to nap as much as possible.


My steps have decreased, but I think I am getting enough exercise because I am riding my bicycle to make up for it.

I did not have much time for sleep and mindfulness in June.I will try to improve in July.
Health is our greatest asset!I will try to continue to take good care of my health.

Thank you very much for reading.