iPad 9th generation.

I would very much like an iPad 9th generation.

I am not a materialistic person, so I am fine with a retired lifestyle where I don't spend much money.

But I only want Apple products.

I still have an iPad 7th generation, but I want a new one.

Well, if I completely lose my materialistic desires, my life may become less colorful.

I will try to enjoy my material desires as well.

By the way, if I get a new iPad.

  • Doubling from 32GB to 64GB.
  • Beautiful screen (True Tone)
  • Chip also improved (A10 to A13)
  • Front camera 1.2mp -> 12MP
  • Ultra wide-angle camera
  • Increased charging speed
  • The body color can be black.
  • Engraving can be added.

and other advantages.

I'm starting to want it even more.