Happy even when saving money.

Do you enjoy saving so much money?" I was asked the question.

Yes, I enjoy every day very much.

Even though I am saving money…

  • We don't need money to enjoy bicycles or musical instruments.
  • Free books at the library
  • I like to cook, so I can eat cheap, healthy and delicious food every day.

Japan is very blessed!

  • We don't have to worry about tomorrow's food.
  • Less chance of war.
  • Lots of medical facilities.
  • Plenty of jobs available if you don't choose one.
  • There are many free things to enjoy on the Internet.
  • Movies can be watched at home as much as you want (and cheaply).
  • Food from all over the world (cuisine, fruits, sweets) and other foods are always available at low prices.

It could be said that today's common people live more luxurious lives than the kings of the past.

Even if you save money, you can live a comfortable and happy life today.
I would like to continue to enjoy my life with gratitude.