I saw the movie Greenland.
It is about a family struggling to protect themselves from a comet impact. It was quite interesting, but the second half was not very realistic.
But this movie made me realize the importance of "emergency preparedness".

So I thought about what I should do now for emergencies.

First of all, it is important to pack your belongings so that you can escape at any time.
I usually live in a backpack, and I have a lot of important things in it.

I usually live in a backpack and inside I have all my valuables (cash, cards, ID) and a set of IT equipment (phone, charger, tablet, earphones, pen, watch) together.
The only other things I need are clothes and food.

I am confident that I can survive with my abilities as a nurse, public health nurse, and karate practitioner, as well as my financial assets.

However, my English skills are not good enough, so I decided to continue my studies.
I also need to clean up my house so that I can evacuate smoothly.