I love the Monster Hunter series of games. I have bought and enjoyed most of the successive series. This is why I have past software left at home.
I have not been able to get rid of the games for a long time because I have played them for a long time and acquired many items.
However, a new game comes out every few years and I can play for a long time with just one of them. The graphics are beautiful and more and more interesting elements are being added!
Considering that, there is little advantage to bother playing older games.
Besides, there are many fun games on smartphones now. That's ideal because it doesn't add more stuff.
All of this has finally made me decide to get rid of my old Monster Hunter games.
I played it one last time before getting rid of it, so I feel much better about it.
It was fun to handle the equipment I had missed in the game, and conversely, remembering how difficult it was to use allowed me to reconfirm the comfort of the newer version.
I would like to continue to follow this way of thinking and enjoy minimalism in the future.