After early retirement, I think I'll end up saving more money in Japan than overseas where the cost of living is cheaper.

I semi-retired in my 30s. I used to think, "I'll save money by living in a country with a low cost of living!"However, recently I have been thinking, "In my case, I think I can save the most money by staying in Japan.Of course, there are many countries where the cost of living is cheaper than in Japan.

But in my case

  • I own a house, so my housing costs only about 15,000 yen in total (property tax, fire insurance, utilities, daily necessities, etc.)
  • Income tax, inhabitant tax, and national health insurance premiums are low because I am retired.
  • Food costs are also low because I cook for myself.
  • Japan has many inexpensive facilities to enjoy (libraries, museums, art galleries, sports facilities, etc.).

The cost of living is very low for these reasons.

Even if you go to a country where the cost of living is low, you will need to return to Japan periodically due to visa requirements.If you do so, you will have to pay more for airfare.Therefore, when considering the overall situation, living in Japan is likely to be the cheapest way to live.
I would like to enjoy a low-cost life in Japan and occasionally take a long trip abroad!