I can finally cut my losses.

I am a poor person, and once I buy something, I can't let it go.
It is the same with stocks as well as things.
It is said that it is important to "cut your losses" when you let go of stocks that have dropped in price from when you bought them, but just like with things, this is also very difficult.
However, I have finally come to be able to cut my losses by steadily letting go of unneeded items and reading various books.
Recently, when I feel that a movie is not interesting, I can stop watching it halfway through.
I might not be able to do that if I were in a movie theater because it would be a waste of money.
But time is also an important resource, so there may be times when it is better to stop watching a movie halfway through, even if it means losing money.
It is important to cut your losses after all.