April 2022 Health Care Status




Monthly High lights 10,022steps/day

Yearly High lights 9,4120steps/day →It is increasing a little bit.

Walking + Running Distance

Monthly Highlights 6.5Km/day

Yearly High lights 6.2Km/day

Exercise Minutes

Monthly Highlights 37min/day

Yearly High lights 42min/day


18days in the past last month

My goal is to do mindfulness every day.

In May, I will try to do mindfulness every day, even if it is just for one minute.


Monthly Highlights 7hr11min March

Yearly High lights 7hr 1min

My sleep goal is 7.5hours.


April has been a busy month for me with the inheritance process, but I have been able to take care of my health at the very least.

My sleeping hours are a bit short, so I will take advantage of naps and other activities.

Thank you very much for reading.