In order to reduce my stuff and live lighter, I have decided to limit my hobby to one guitar.
I own three guitars. I own three guitars: an Epiphone Casino, a Yamaha ls6 acoustic guitar, and a Fender Japan Stratocaster.
After considering which guitar to keep, I decided on the Epiphone Casino.
I am a pain in the ass, so connecting an electric guitar to an amp can be a hassle. For this reason, an acoustic guitar that can be played right away with just the body is best, but sometimes I want to play jazz or rock.
When that happens, I want to keep the electric guitar as well.
This problem has been bothering me for a while.
The Epiphone Casino solved them.
The Casino has a hollowbody, so it can produce a somewhat loud sound even without an amplifier.
It is satisfactory for light enjoyment in a room.
If I want to listen to rock music, I can connect it to an amp or enjoy playing with headphones.
I will continue to enjoy music with this wonderful guitar as my partner.

By the way, I owned a Fender Japan Stratocaster for over 20 years.
Fender is an American company, but they also produce Japanese models. The price is lower than the American models, but I heard that they are highly evaluated due to the precision manufacturing that only Japan can offer.
I also liked the ease of playing and the dry sound very much. It has a beautiful clean sound, and I have been enjoying it since I was in junior high school. I have recently decided to get rid of it as I don't play it anymore, and I think it is a very wonderful guitar.
If I ever get into guitars in the future, I would love to buy a high-end Fender Stratocaster.
Thanks, Fender Japan Stratocaster. Be good to the new owner.