May 2022 Income

Hi, I'm Sayu, a nurse who FIRE in Japan! I publish my income every month. Please enjoy the Lean FIRE in Japan.


Total 315USD(43,479JPY)

Income was low in May.
However, this is not a problem as we plan to have more dividend income in June.


Total dividend 76USD (10,479JPY)
Dividend Breakdown
Japan 56USD (7,725JPY)
Overseas 20USD (2,754JPY)

I invest in US high dividend ETF's such as HDV, SPYD, VYM, etc.

Real estate rent-240USD

Real Estate
240USD (33,000JPY)
One single-family property is rented out.

Net income excluding expenses. (No loans).

Labor income-None

I did not work this month.

Extra income-None


Thank you very much for reading.